Home & Craft

At Home & Craft, hobby and craft brewers will find everything they need to produce small and micro batches of beer: technical equipment as well as raw materials and ingredients. As a complement to the exhibition, Home & Craft offers two exciting home and microbrewing workshops.

Home & Craft was added as an exhibition area at drinktec in September 2017. Since 2018, it has been held as a separate trade fair as part of the German hobby brewers’ championship in the northern German city of Stralsund. In taking this step, drinktec has created an annual platform for hobby and micro brewers.

Home & Craft 2019 was held on September 13 and 14 along with the third German hobby brewers’ championship. Manufacturers presented their products in 30 exhibition booths, and more than 100 hobby brewers attended both workshops (water and hops). About 1,300 visitors attended the event in the Störtebeker brewing district. Nearly 150 hobby brewers from all parts of Germany competed for the championship prize. The brewing group Gröner Bagalut from Oersdorf, a city in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, captured the championship title.

The successful duo consisting of the German championship and an exhibition with workshops will be paired together for the first time at the next drinktec in Munich.  

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