food & drink technology Africa

Source of inspiration in an emerging market

In 2014, food & drink technology Africa became part of the “bev&food tec network powered by drinktec.” This continues the internationalization policy that has already seen the creation of drink technology India and CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE toward the expansion of our presence to the most important markets worldwide. Johannesburg was selected as the event location. That was the right move: South Africa continues to be an important gateway for opening up markets in southern Africa.

A key driver of this commitment to the African continent was the ambition of creating a regional, tailor-made platform for the industry. Local manufacturers of foods, liquid foods and beverages from southern Africa meet with leading international businesses for food processing machinery, beverage processing technology and packaging machinery at this trade fair. “Our objective is to promote the food and beverage sector with the help of the industry and to provide inspiration. Trade fairs continue to be ideal meeting points for the industry, to enable people to learn from each other, to be mutual sources of inspiration and to network. This is how innovation originates, this is how the future emerges,” says Petra Westphal, Exhibition Group Director at Messe München.

Huge market potential for the food sector

Southern Africa represents an attractive market for the food and beverage industry. The event has increased in size recently – particularly the food section. The biggest segments in the food sector include dairy products, bakery products and dried and processed foods.

According to the VDMA’s Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association, the value of food and beverages produced annually has increased by a total of more than 40 percent in the last five years, most recently to 3.4 billion euros in 2018. One reason for this is that demand for safe, high-quality food is increasing. Yet consumer demand for more convenience products, higher-quality foods and products with additional benefits is also rising. In addition to meeting local demand, the South African food and beverage industry is increasingly exporting its products to other African markets as well as to the Middle East and to Asia. The industry therefore has to align its value chains with global competition, expand capacities and invest in the appropriate plant and machinery, says the VDMA.

Suzette Scheepers explains: “At food & drink technology Africa (fdt Africa) international food processing and packaging technology vendors have a unique opportunity to engage with South Africa’s new and established food and beverage producers to explore mutually beneficial opportunities in this growing market.”

As part of a network, food & drink technology Africa therefore models the food industry most closely. This generates synergies for those events where the food sector does not yet enjoy the same prominence. And it once again illustrates the benefits that the “bev&food tec network powered by drinktec” provides: It pools synergies generated by individual events and thus facilitates the industry’s access to current, best-practice solutions.

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